Friday, January 21, 2011

First Forestry Club Meeting of 2011

Hello everyone,

I wanted to send everyone a copy of the minutes of the meeting we had today. 

Forestry Club Meeting 1/21/11

The Allegheny Winter SAF Meeting will be on February 16, 2011. Mont Alto will be sending four students to participate in the quiz bowl event. There will be try outs to see who will be participating in the quiz bowl. They will be held January 28th at 12:00 in 211 Sci/Tech. If anyone missed the meeting and would like to try out please let me know. These will be the people participating in the tryouts: Tyler, Chelsea, Nick, Andy T., Mark, Connor, Shane, Adam, Zach, Mike H., Mitch, and Mike T.

There will be a Klondike Derby on Saturday February 26th in Newville for the Boy Scouts of America. We will be helping with the events. The following people will be participating: Mike H., Mark, Andy T., Andy G., Connor, James, Mike T., Shane, Nick, Tyler, Seth, Mitch, and Adam. If you would like to participate and were not there, please let me know.

On Wednesday February 2nd at 6:30 the Forestry Club will be going to Whitetail Ski Resort to go tubing. There will be a sign up sheet outside of Mr. Houghton's office in Sci/Tech.

On March 19th we would like to go to the State museum and look at historic logging and forestry photographs. If we go on the third Saturday of the month, it will be free entry. I will put a sign up sheet outside of Mr. Houghton's office to see if we have anybody that wants to go.

We also would like to make T-shirts for the Forestry Club. Members are allowed to make their own ideas for shirts and bring them to the nest meeting so we can vote for the shirt we would like to make. The ideas for shirts will be due on February 4th (The next meeting). 

Tyler also suggested that we could watch one of the prescribed burns at Fort Indiantown Gap. We will have more details on this later.

The next meeting will be on Friday February 4th at 12:00 in the Weistling Student Center. 

Respectfully submitted by
Your Forestry Club Secretary,
Zachary Hetrick

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