Sunday, February 20, 2011

Minutes from February 18 Meeting

Forestry Club Meeting 2/18/11

We will be helping with the Klondike Derby for the Boy Scouts on Feb. 26th. We will helping with the fire burning event. The derby will be from 8:00 to approx. 4:00. We will be leaving from the school at 6:30 am. There will be a sign-up sheet outside Mr. Houghton's office. We need about 10 people to help with this and if you sign up you cannot back out! Mike Trisket, Adam Wentzel, and Grizz Baigmoradi will coming up with the scoring for this event. Fore more info. please see Mr. Trisket.

Fort Indiantown Gap will be doing prescribed burns throughout the month of March. If there is enough people interested we will go see one of these burns. Mr. Wakefield will be looking into a date when we can go.
We will be burning the burn pile this year and this will be on a weekend and we will need people to sit and watch the fire. More information about this will be announced later.

We are looking for people interested in visiting the Harrisburg museum to look at historic logging photos. More info on this is TBA.

The Heli-skiing talk with Mr. Houghton will be on March 1st. at 6:00. The location is TBA.

We would like to have a speaker from Pheasants of America to come speak about introducing pheasants. More info on this is TBA.

We would like to try and have a Fishing Derby sometime this spring. More info is TBA.

More info about the T-shirts is TBA.
Respectfully Submitted by
Your Forestry Club Secretary,
Zachary Hetrick

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." - Ben Franklin

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